Šinkovec Transport



We have ensured daily transportation lines at the relation of 


SLOVENIA     –     FRANCE     –     SLOVENIA (former Yugoslavia)


Domestic and international freight transport

Our services include domestic and international freight transport, both complete as well as partial / collected shipment. Our regular lines cover the areas in western Europe, mainly France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, as well as performing transport services into the countries of former Yugoslavia. We also have multilateral permits CEMT for freight transport, with which we are also allowed to perform our services from the EU member states to other countries outside the EU area. Should our client want and need freight transportation that our vehicles can not perform, we also collaborate with reliable partners.

Vehicle location

All vehicles are equipped with ADR gear for the transportation of dangerous or flammable substances, safety equipment for the attachment of various cargos, GPS tracking for vehicle monitoring, telephones, and are operated by experienced drivers.

For greater safety and quality we have a certificate on all trailers DIN EN 12642 XL.

We also have the option of transporting dangerous ones. flammable substances, ADR goods, waste and transport with coil corite – muldo.


Maintenance of vehicles is carried out with the authorised services of the cargo vehicles, while we can take care of smaller jobs in our own workshop or in the field. Thus we ensure, that our vehicles are always ready for transport service provision.


At the address Cesta dveh Cesarjev 393, in Ljubljana, in the Vič area, we also have a warehouse facility with the possibility of cargo storage, transhipment and re-packaging. We manipulate the goods both with manual and with diesel forklifts. Along with the basic offer of transportation and storage services, we can also provide our clients with advising in the other fields of logistics, freight forwarding services and customs procedures for the goods.